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For more than 35 years, and with a previous family background immersed in the production and commercialization of natural wood veneers, TIMBERCOM is based on the exhaustive knowledge of the different species and their particularities, allowing us to follow up with our clients our firm conviction for not having to put limits to the imagination in each particular project.

We do not believe that there can be any other natural material as incredibly beautiful and versatile as wood. No other material may capture the spirit of time as wood, one of the oldest natural elements continuously used by mankind.

Wood is a truly unique and special material that transforms any environment with its presence, impregnating the space with a feeling of comfort, relaxation, warmth and beauty by incorporating nature and life into any product.  The practically endless possibilities of combinations between the different species, and even the ease with which it coexists with other materials, offer a variety of shades and nuances that capture the unique touch of any project being developed with unbeatable versatility.

At TIMBERCOM we know our customers’ requirements, and we strive to provide them with the ideal wood veneers to satisfy them. That is our job. A specialized professional team, spacious and modern equipped facilities, advanced technical procedures that allow us to speed up the processes improving the quality of the product, and an efficient service capacity. All the steps from raw material selection, production control, classification, sale and shipment of our products are supervised by our team.

TIMBERCOM facilities

TIMBERCOM has facilities of approx. 9.000 m2 covered, with static ventilation and thermally insulated to preserve our products in the best conditions of humidity and temperature, providing our customers and staff with an optimal working environment.

The natural lighting of our facilities allows us to avoid color distortions for the classification and inspection of the sheet metal, and when artificial lighting is necessary, it is studied with a combination of color temperature typologies in the luminaires to minimize the possible distortion in the perception of color.


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