We offer tailor-made cut to size jointed faces, jointed with glue or thread according to our customer’s preference, with any type of jointing possibility of combination.

 The selection of the veneer is either made by the customer, or by us based on the parameters and characteristics specified between the customer and TIMBERCOM. Being us the producers of the veneers, there can be no better starting point to ensure that the quality of our JOINTED FACES  specifically matches our customers’ requirements.


Detailed selection for your project

Compromised and personal advice

High quality jointing and processing

Glues used in compliance with all environmental protection standards

Agreed and fixed delivery time

Jointing possible procedures

Jointing possible procedures:

Bookmatched joint: Veneers produced consecutively are joined side by side in mirror image (as in an open book) .

Slipmatched joint:

The sheets produced consecutively are joined without turning any sheet, avoiding mirror images.

Mismatched joint (random matched):

A mismatched sheet jointing pattern results in veneer faces with different grain type, different structure, and slightly different color within the face. This type of jointing gives the impression of a solid (lumber-like) surface

Bookmatched or diamond joint:

The effect of creating symmetry centers that capture the attention of the visual perception is achieved, giving a quality appearance and vintage aspect. Used mainly with burl veneers or very fancy grains.

From small measures of 40 cm x 40 cm, up to measures of 330 cm x 150 cm, we contemplate all the possibilities that the customer may require. And in any of the species we have in stock

Contact us to establish your needs and give you, our budget.

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