to the environment

Since our start in 1988 we have been fully aware of the importance of defending the environmental.  Nature offers us this renewable, recyclable and green material, which is certainly one of the most beautiful we can enjoy. And we enjoy it in the form of a walk through our forests with the relaxation of its vital and colorful rumors, or in the contemplation of the flora and fauna that grow inside, or in the beauty and warmth that a piece of wood furniture or a perfect carpentry fills our home. 

Selective logging allows the forests to continue to grow with new younger trees. Older trees of sufficient size that can contribute to the growth of many more new seedlings through their final usage are the ones we handle for our production. The renewal of the life cycle of growth, aging and new beginnings is necessary for the forest and its unstoppable remaking.  Taking care of our forests, of the forest management of them, and betting on the world organizations that support this type of sustainable management, is the only way we must be able to continue introducing in our projects a part of the wonderful living nature that surrounds us.

The veneer production process clearly supports this endless development by extracting an enormous amount of m2 to use from one m3 of processed raw material.

Through our membership of the FSC certification seal of approval for sustainable forest management, we contribute to the sustainability of this controlled forestry activity.

Since 2004, TIMBERCOM has been certified with the FSC seal, being the first producer and marketer of natural wood veneer to obtain this seal in the Valencian Community, ahead of what has become an international standard.

Most of our imports of both logs for processing and already processed products are carried out with the FSC certification.


For a positive management, it is important that all parts and departments of the company are committed to the objective. For this reason, TIMBERCOM is certified with ISO-9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems, and with ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management Systems.

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